Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And so life goes on....

Shew!  Well lots has happened in the past few months since I last blogged.  For starters our house is sold, we've moved into a rental house and hubby is about to leave for Saudi Arabia...again.  Well, I reckon 3rd time lucky!  Kids and I will rejoin him there in a few months - that's if he ever gets there.  He was supposed to leave today, and he was all packed and mentally prepared for it, but no ticket yet!  So tomorrow or the next day, or....  Anyway, maybe it's just as well, as hubby delayed getting flu when the rest of us did, and now he is suffering as the kids and I come to the end of our bouts.  So, he could actually use a few extra days to get better.
So there are big changes afoot in our lives, as the course we thought we were following, has changed!  Thankfully, Saudi was still an option for us, as it seems that getting work back in South Africa was just not mean't to be.  Once hubby is off, I'll have a few months to get back on track again.  Time to shed some pounds and get creative again!

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