Thursday, November 19, 2009

On the hamster wheel!

At the moment I feel like a hamster in a wheel, running really fast, but not going anywhere!  I'm multi-tasking like crazy trying to build my website, build someone else's website too, make things to bring in much needed cash, keep the house in peek order (because it is on sale) and keep the kids busy too - oh yes and be available to husband for help with job hunting (as I'm the one good with words)!  Okay, so there, I've had my whine for the day! 
On the plus side, I'm learning about just how strong I am, that over the years I've actually accumulated many useful skills, I'm learning about what is really important in my life and to really value that (have to step back and remind myself of this every now and again when I start to feel overwhelmed) and I've learn't how important it is to have a support network and lean on them when I need it (if I don't, they won't lean on me when they need it).  So if my mutterings are a bit skimp at the moment, bare with me....I'll eventually find time for this as well.  For now it's back to my mosaics and clay inserts, and maybe later today, I'll even squeeze in some time to work on my website!