Friday, October 2, 2009

Whale Festival Kids Market

On the 26th September, the last day of the annual Hermanus Whale Festival, Daniel and Tarryn, along with friends, Lucy, Jon-Jon and Kayleigh, braved the elements to sell baked goodies, home-made cards and home-made bookmarks.  The weather was truly lousy, but the kids were keen....

From left are Lucy and Kayleigh, Daniel and Tarryn (and Jon-Jon just behind Tarryn)
We spent most of the time trying to just hang onto everything as the wind was blowing gale force!  Anyway, by midday, we'd all had enough of the cold blasting, and with heavy rain clouds closing in, we called it a day two hours before the official end.  The kids were a bit disappointed with the sales which were poor largely due to the location of the kids market.  There were no signs showing people were the kids markets was, or the fact that it was a kids market!  People walked past all the kids after they had already passed through the food and craft stalls inside the tents, and they were making their way back to their vehicles or to get out of the weather - hardly stopping to even notice all the brave kids plying their wares in the worst location!  Anyway, enough whining, it was 'life experience' and that is what counts.

Tarryn and Jon-Jon braving the elements!

After the market, we ended up popping in at the vintage car show - but that wheel definitely doesn't belong to a vintage car!!! 

Tea Party for two, or three!

Tarryn and friends having a tea party in the garden. From left Tayana, Gorby and Tarryn. I love that she isn't too old for tea parties yet! Gorby definitely thought he was part of the party too!

Reminds me of a different time, where things were simpler....climbing in trees, fancy dress in mom's cupboard, riding bikes, Nancy Drew computer games, no game boys, no play stations.....

Don't get me wrong, this is the world we live in, and one needs to be present now, in this time - just somehow, we still need to find a balance so that we still find time for things like tea parties!